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Simplifying MAPs

Global exchange for in-depth understanding of medicinal & aromatic plants, essential oils and herbal extracts.
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Flower of Moringa Oleifera, for details click here
  • Mapefy

    is home to variety of special medicinal and aromatic plants (MAP).
    Letter ’e’ which is represented by the Cissus Leaf symbolize Ease of E-Commerce,
    and ’fy’-> to make; thus, simplifying everyone’s quest for MAPs.

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  • Mapefy

    is a vibrant marketplace to connect people globally
    for Natural healing, and Sustainable Co-Existence with Nature
    through Agro-Forestry, Permaculture.

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  • Mapefy

    promotes cultivation of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAPs)
    through multi-cropping Agro-forests instead of hunting
    from the Wild.

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  • Agroforestry

    is an art to recreate self-sustaining forest eco-system
    around principal crops to ensure sustainable yields with
    minimal human interventions.

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  • Permaculture

    is a self-sustaining, resilient natural framework which can fulfill
    human needs whilst co-existing with nature and eco-system.

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Medicinal & Aromatic Plants

  • Rhizomes
  • Leaf
  • Roots
  • Stem
  • Fruits
  • Essential Oil

What is


MAPefy is home to variety of special medicinal and aromatic plants known as MAP. Letter ’e’which is represented by the Cissus (Cissus quadrangularis) Leaf  signifies the Ease of E- Commerce and ‘fy’-> to make; thus, simplifying everyone’s quest for medicinal and aromatic plants (MAPs). MAPefy is a vibrant marketplace which connects people globally for Natural healing with an enhanced state of wellbeing and contentment.



Agroforestry is a collective term used to describe cultivation and land use systems using trees and shrubs along with crops and/or animals on the same piece of land. It helps produce multiple outputs from a single resource and ensures constant utilization and replenishment of resources even in low output and fragile conditions. It recreates a forest ecosystem around the principal cultivation crop to obtain sustainable yields over a long period of time. It also ensures that indigenous trees and shrubs receive due attention and are cultivated to maintain healthy environmental balance. Thus involving interplay of socio-cultural values since the crops and trees grown will depend on the results that the community seeks from agroforestry.



Soil is the womb where seeds are conceived into healthy plants. Hence healthy soil is the key to a healthy harvest. Soil health is determined by the amount of organic matter content in the soil. Organic matter in the form of micro-nutrients and micro-organisms living in the soil. Healthy soil will always be well aeriated and moist having healthy ecosystem of organism growing in them, some of which are visual as mushrooms, fungus, earthworms, ants, and other insects, while there are other millions of invisible organisms living in the soil.