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Black Pepper

The Golden Spice of India

Native to Kerala, India, Black Pepper(Piper Nigrum) is one of the most popular spices used and revered in India. It is an immensely popular ingredient used in various Indian cooking having number of health benefits like quick digestion , relief in cold and cough and weigh loss, while providing an excellent depth of flavour to any dish. The chemical piperine, present in black pepper, causes the spiciness. Pepper has been the most widely traded spice in the world and been so for more than 3000 years.

Black Pepper was very valuable since history, since the Middle East and Far west needed this magic herd to spice and preserve their food. It had catalysed the spice trade leading to the exploration of undiscovered lands, development of merchant cities in the Middle East and Europe. Black Pepper in its prime time, was more expensive than Gold. Wars used to be wedged and collaterals were paid in sacks of Black Pepper.

Since ancient times, Black pepper is one of the most widely-traded spices in the world. Pepper became an important article of overland trade between India and Europe and often served as a medium of exchange. Black pepper is now grown in various tropical regions, including India, Indonesia, and Brazil, and remains one of the most important spices in the world.

Biological Name: Piper nigrum

Family: Piperaceae

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