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Natures Boon, Superfood for the Soil and all
Moringa, is a boon of Mother Nature, through unheard by many and yet has been recognized as an extremely nutritious herb highly valued for its medicinal properties. Moringa is native to India, and it can grow and withstand a vast range of climatic, soil and water conditions. In some parts of Africa this tree is called ‘Neva Die’. Moringa is like a “vegetable tree,” loaded with health and beauty supporting vitamins, minerals, enzymes which make it a true superfood. Every part of the tree can be consumed. It has extensive references dating back to Ayurveda tradition.
Virtually every part of this wonder tree, from its roots to its flowers has been used for thousands of years to benefit people all over the world and also referred to as ‘The Miracle Tree’ to have cured or has the potential to cure more than 300 maladies.
Interesting facts about Moringa:

  • The seeds can be pressed to extract a highly versatile oil. It contains fatty acids and healthy saturated fats.
  • Moringa also known as ’Ben oil’ has been used for centuries in lotions, soaps, conditioners, cosmetics and as a base for perfumes
  • Biofuel – As its economical and ecologically responsible alternative to traditional crops which are being used as fuel as it can grow on marginal land
  • Healthy Snack – Its eaten as a healthy snack but of course in moderation is recommended or they tend to have a have a natural laxative/mild diuretic effect
  • The seeds are a natural binder. It plays an important part an important step in the process of readying water for sanitary drinking(The World Health Organization estimates that unsafe drinking water is responsible 1.6 million deaths annually and in Sudan,how Moringa seed purification techniques are being used to save lives)
  • Moringa is known as the Drumstick Tree because of the shape of its nutritious fruit
  • Grounded Moringa Leaf is the best natural food supplement, some researchers have called is SuperFood.
  • One can have healthy survival, just by consuming Moringa everyday and not eating anything else.

Traditional uses of Moringa:

  • Ground into powder, Moringa is used as a natural health and beauty promoting multivitamin
  • The powder can be taken in capsule form, sprinkled into soups and sauces, added to your Glowing Green Smoothie, or it can be added in hot water and consumed as a soothing tea with tons of nutritional, alkalizing and purifying benefits

Moringa is a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acid and so very important to our health and beauty. They;

  • Reduce and regulate inflammation
  • Keeps blood from excessive clotting
  • Reduce cytokines, which are involved in inflammatory processes
  • Improve insulin response
  • Promote healthy cell membranes
  • Regulate prostaglandin production

Do you know? Like so many traditional folk remedies, Mauriyan (Referring to the great Indian Emporer, Chandragupta Maurya) warriors were fed Moringa leaf extract at the war front to provide them with extra stamina and strength. It’s a wholesome nutritious plant. Research works have shown examples of how the Moringa tree has been used in some countries and their intent to connect the food sector close to the health sector.