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A shrub with a plethora of herbal goodness!

History/Nature of Herb Periwinkle commonly known as Madagascar Periwinkle Rose Periwinkle and in its fancy common name, ‘Old Maid’ was introduced in Europe. In India,it is well acquainted with its various beautiful names such as Nayantara in Bengali, Sadabahaar in Hindi and Sadaphuli in Marathi. They are ornamental flowers in pink but can be grafted to appear in bright red or white too. Periwinkle adorns the hanging pots of any garden or indoors.

Today it grows throughout the world and plantations have been established on most continents in the warmer climates.The plant has been widely used in tropical folk medicine.

Botanical Name: Catharanthus roseus

Family: Apocynaceae

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Consumers and Patrons
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Consumers and Patrons

Consumers and Patrons

Consumers and Patrons

Consumers and Patrons
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