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GUDUCHI – The Elixir Herb

Guduchi/ Giloy. Known in Sanskrit as Amrta (Elixir), Cinnodbhava, Gillow in Punjabi, Geloy in Hind, Gulancha in Bengali, Tippa-teega in Telugu, Shindilakodi in Tamil, Amruthu, Chittamruthu in Malayalam, Amrutha balli in Kannada, Garo in Gujarati, , Guduchi in Marathi, Guluchi in Odia, Gurjo in Nepali, Amritvel in Konkani, Rasakinda in Sinhala, boraphét in Thai. Guduchi is one of the most important herbs having lot of health benefits . It is a liver tonic and  is used in treatment of malarial and all type of fever including Dengue, Chikungunya etc. 

In Sankrit and most Indian languages its referred as Amrita or Elixir, since this devine plant is known to cure and prevent most diseases.

Botanical name: Tinospora cordifolia


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