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NEEM: Man’s Best Friend

Neem: Derived from Nimbaka in Sanskrit. The herb is called Neem in Manipuri, Bengali, Urdu and Assamese, Nimbay in Marathi, Veppai, Sengumaru in Tamil, Ariyaveppu in Malayalam, Vepa inTelugu, Turakabevu in Kannada, Dhanujhada and Limba in Gujarati. It is also called as Margosa in English.

The name “Azadirachta Indica is derieved from Persian where its calls Azad Dirakht, Azad -> Free or Noble and Dirakht -> Tree. Since the tree is freely found all over Indian Sub-continent.

Botanical name:Azadirachta Indica

Family:Meliaceae comes from the Mahogany family

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Consumers and Patrons
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Consumers and Patrons

Consumers and Patrons

Consumers and Patrons

Consumers and Patrons
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